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Illuminated Signage

3D Illuminated Signs
Locally manufactured illuminating 3D fabricated letters and logos we can make it for you! Computer cut lettering by our CNC router will enable your signage to have a 3D effect needed to make your business name transform from a flat image to one that makes a great first impression.

We can also include LED lighting to make your 3D signage have the WOW factor at night.
This includes translucent letters, translucent faces, where the edge of the letter or logo is not illuminated, or halo lit letters, where the light spills out the rear of the letters or logo.
The simplest form of internally illuminated sign is the light box, where fluorescent lights illuminate a translucent face, or faces. Light boxes can also be slimline which are edge lit by fluorescent tubes or LEDs.

Give Tropical Designs a call and talk to one of our lovely staff members who can help what type of illuminated sign is best for you

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